Living with Covid

Bowdon Covid Guidance – Updated 6th January 2022 to reflect latest guidance as we return after the break.

Please remember that Indoor Hockey, Changing Rooms, Teas and shared travel in cars or coaches are, generally, much higher risk than outdoor training and matches.  Please be mindful and very considered when in these situations and take practical, common sense steps to mitigate the risk of transmission.  This may include encouraging folk to take LFTs before higher risk activities if they haven’t already done so for other settings.

No one should attend any hockey activity if they have Covid, are experiencing symptoms or think they have the virus.  You should also not attend if you are a close contact or household member of someone who has tested positive and are required to isolate.  Currently, those who are NOT required to isolate are anyone under 18 yrs 6 mths OR anyone who is double vaccinated.  Everyone else must isolate.  

For those not isolating, you are strongly advised to take Lateral Flow Tests daily for SEVEN DAYS.  For anyone in this situation, please discuss with your coach, captain or Covid Officer BEFORE attending any hockey activity just to ensure appropriate understanding.

Team Captains or Covid Officers should notify Janet or Kate of any positive cases in your teams or training cohorts and also now, ideally, any close contacts of positive cases, where known.  See below for their contact details.

Please adhere to the latest general Government advice during this current ‘surge period’ and the following Hockey specific advice applies at Bowdon:

  • Respect that people may feel very differently about the virus
  • Abide by any local instructions in place at individual hockey venues
  • Keep promoting good hand hygiene and use of hand sanitiser
  • Use one-way systems at busy times
  • Fist pumps are preferred to hand shakes
  • When practicable, keep people apart and be outside rather than inside
  • Take extra care during all Indoor Hockey sessions as the transmission risks indoors are much higher
  • Use Lateral Flow Tests before any parties, similar gatherings or time spent travelling in coaches etc.
  • When attending post-match teas, keep indoor areas ventilated and use hand sanitiser and/or wipes when you can
  • Avoid hugging, shouting in close proximity to others and NO spitting
  • Limit the time spent in close huddles, even outdoors
  • Players should still bring their own first aid kits and first aiders should still be mindful of the virus when providing aid
  • If possible, don’t share personal or club equipment unless its cleaned or quarantined
  • Be careful and thoughtful when using bibs
  • Changing rooms are available at The Club if required but please use these sparingly and responsibly.  Keep them ventilated.   Limit numbers inside together and do team talks outside when you can.

Have fun, work hard, enjoy your hockey, respect the virus.

Kate Cherrill and Janet Grant remain as our Covid Officials and are happy to answer any questions either by email on [email protected] or by mobile on 07801975460 or 07764339359 respectively.