Living with Covid

No one should attend any hockey activity if they have Covid, are experiencing symptoms or think they have the virus.

Other than this rule, there are no specific government or EH restrictions in relation to Hockey but the following advice applies at Bowdon:

  • Respect that people may feel very differently about the virus
  • Abide by any local instructions in place at individual hockey venues
  • Keep promoting good hand hygiene and use of hand sanitiser
  • Use one-way systems at busy times
  • Fist pumps are preferred to hand shakes
  • When practicable, keep people apart and be outside rather than inside
  • Avoid hugging, shouting in close proximity to others and NO spitting
  • Limit the time spent in close huddles
  • Players should still bring their own first aid kits and first aiders should still be mindful of the virus when providing aid
  • If possible, don’t share personal or club equipment unless its cleaned or quarantined
  • Be careful and thoughtful when using bibs
  • Changing rooms are available at The Club if required but please use these sparingly and responsibly.  Keep them ventilated.   Limit numbers inside together and do team talks outside when you can.

Have fun, work hard, enjoy your hockey, respect the virus.

Kate Cherrill and Janet Grant remain as our Covid Officials and are happy to answer any questions either by email on [email protected] or by mobile on 07801975460 or 07764339359 respectively.

9th September 2021